2009 Moto Guzzi V7 Classic

Pictures of the 2009 Moto Guzzi V7 Classic.  Enjoy.

It’s here on the ground in the US. I’ve sat on it and can’t wait to ride it. It looks like a great “return to cycling” bike, a phenomenal city bike and definitely a beautiful retro treatment.

My only worry is there are quite a few left-over Brevas — the 750’s in an earlier year will be less expensive but not as cool looking, but the 1100/1200s will only be a few thousand more and you get a whole lotta ponies for only 3-4K more.

Still, I’ve got faith in the V7C. It is such a nice package, competitively priced to the Bonnie and Sportster, and a very nice alternative to the Ducati 1000GT, which will definitely out-perform it on paper, but I’d like to compare it with respect to living with it for some time.

I look forward to some time with a V7C soon!

2 thoughts on “2009 Moto Guzzi V7 Classic”

  1. Own a 2009 BMW GSA – arguably the best bike in the world to do anything in the world; and I love it. Then, in Seattle, I viewed the 2010 V-7 in black and gold livery. Oh my goodness! Is there room in the garage for two bikes?

    1. I’d argue that — but another topic– I’d put the GSA against a Stelvio, or a Norge if you’re not off-roading, especially after 3 years in service. Simple = low maintenance. My favorite Guzzi dealer sells most of his bikes to BMW owners that have finally gotten sick of oil-heads and high costs of ownership. It’s indeed arguable. BMWs purr, but I like the visceral nature of the Guzzi, the connection to the hands that built it and the lack of electronic doo-dads that really aren’t needed.

      Sorry ’bout that. Nuthin’ personal against the Beemer, but I’ve stated that I’m a “homer” for the Guzzis. Got to make the case based on my prefs. If you’re racking up the miles on the GSA and as happy as you sound, totally good on ya! I can’t necessarily explain my particular beam of focus — after riding so many of the newer Guzzis, I’m smitten.

      The black and gold V7 is just beautiful. I bought my White one about 6 weeks before the black/gold hit the cities. It would have been a very, very tough choice.

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