3 thoughts on “Spotted: 850T on streets of Chicago”

  1. I regularly ride my 76 I-Convert on Western between Lake St.and Bryn Mawr. But too cold for my bike to start last week.
    Had her out this week though when it peaked into the 30’s.
    The roads are at least 15% narrower with this frozen crud on the curbs.
    Drivers definitely do not look out for riders in the winter.
    Looks like crummy weather for the next 7 days.
    Just as well ..as I am taking the Vert apart to have the frame powder coated and then install new wiring harness and bearings.
    I see you post alot on th Loop frame site.
    I’m in Logan Sqare and have a shop on the near west shop.
    Would like to check out your scoot sometime.

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