Bicester Heritage Sunday Scramble

 What an idea! Buy up a historic but mothballed RAF base, then turn it into a motoring heritage destination for cars, bikes and planes – brilliant! We’re lucky that ITALIAN MOTOR H.Q. seems to be close to so many fascinating and excellent places and events of petrolhead pleasure, and today was great – old planes mixing it with Ford Capris, Yank cars, old bikes, historic and important Bentleys, Porsches, and Jags, old blokes dressed as Home Guard, steam engines, old biplanes, engines, bacon rolls, and other very pleasurable stuff. The RAF architecture is fascinating and the before and after restorations of the countless sheds, hangars and engine fitting rooms are incredible and beautiful. Even the toilet blocks are retro! The owners should be congratulated on their vision, and it’s easy to see that it’ll become a premier motoring destination in the UK. 

Today will be just the first of many visits for us, no doubt. In fact, we’d love to set up H.Q. here too.
Enjoy the photos of just a small selection of what was there this morning.

Lovely ’56 Triumph Speed Twin with original paint

Used to use the Routemasters all the time

Huge bomber hangar – now used for classic vehicle storage

This thing landed while I was standing there

Dad’s Army: “Who do you think you are kidding Mr. Hitler?”

Old bomb shelter

Purple Haze… in my mind

Beautiful Mk.1 Zephyr rag top

Lovely old Ford Capri. Two a penny when I was a kid..



Loved this stripped back Terrot – a real gem

These ‘tools’ are made from chocolate. Amazing!


More patina!

Check their website here: Bicester Heritage

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