Bid for Kevin Ash’s BMW – and other stuff! Proceeds to the Kevin Ash Fund.

As you may remember, our journalist colleague, and all-round nice bloke Kevin Ash was tragically killed last year on a BMW launch doing the work he did so well, and left behind his wife Caroline and three daughters.

The Telegraph newspaper, for whom he worked for 15 years and for whom he was reporting when I met him on several new bike launches, set up the Kevin Ash Fund – a fund in memory of their motorcycling correspondent of 15 years. Proceeds will assist with the continuing education of his daughters. Caroline has started to sell various bits of kit that Kevin owned to help wit the fund, including a BMW K1100 that he used and wrote about. You can bid for it on Ebay HERE

So people, bid high and bid often – check the other listings for jackets and spares.

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