Veloce e Verde: 1977 Laverda Jarama

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This 1977 Laverda Jarama is a good-looking example of an Italian touring model not often seen in the US. The seller says that it underwent a recent restoration, but also notes that paint was left untouched for originality’s sake. It’s further said to run very well, and mechanicals sound to be sorted and road-ready. Find it here on eBay in Miami, Florida with reserve not met.


The classic yet distinctive design looks great under original green paint, and while there are a few minor dings and dents present, they don’t detract much from the bike’s overall appearance. Stripped down for restoration, the frame was sandblasted before being resprayed in black. Many chrome parts were re-plated, and the forks were also rebuilt and received new seals.

Not a Lambo:

Cockpit fixtures all appear to be in good shape, with clear instrumentation, complete switchgear and bright, shiny trim. Jota cafe-style bars aren’t original-spec for this bike, but they do look excellent.

Not a Lambo:

The shot below reveals the big triple’s polished aluminum cam covers, and though it’s been run for a bit over 8k miles, the motor still looks tidy and well-kept. Recently, the carbs were stripped, cleaned, and rebuilt, while the brake system received new pistons and seals. Apart from some minor-looking surface corrosion in a few small areas, almost every component presents very well.

Not a Lambo:

These powerful touring bikes make great alternatives to more popular BMW’s and Hondas of the same vintage, and that triple should sound amazing revving out through the gears.

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