Rotorbike Part Two: Low Mileage 1976 Suzuki RE5

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This 1976 Suzuki RE5 is the second rotary-powered bike featured this week, following yesterday’s impressive and all-original Hercules W-2000 from the same year. Following 32 years in dark indoors storage, this one sounds to be in similar condition with similarly low mileage (~3,700), though the seller does note some light restoration work. Described as fully functional and strong running, it looks to be in very nice shape. Find it here on eBay in Dayton, Ohio with a $9,750 BIN. Special thanks to BaT reader pluckmyeyeout for this submission.


Says the seller: “This RE5 was a true barn find where it sat for 32 years in the dark. No sunlight touched it, hence the paint, seat, tires, and plastic bits are as close to original as you will ever find. The overall condition is excellent, and is very close to museum quality after two years of work.” What that work included is fully listed, though the ad does note some hardware has been replaced as needed, and that the front fender and part of the exhaust have been re-chromed.

Suzuki Re5 | eBay

Speaking of the exhaust, check out the full gallery and its closeup of a factory-applied sticker sternly warning: “DO NOT MODIFY THE EXHAUST SYSTEM. IT IS DESIGNED TO GIVE MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE WITHOUT EXCESSIVE NOISE.” Whereas yesterday’s German rotorbike ran an air-cooled, 294cc single-rotor, this one features a 497cc water-cooled Wankel, also a single-rotor design. Though just over twice as powerful with 62 HP, these Suzukis were also substantially heavier thanks to the added complexity of liquid-cooling. This one’s said to be both great running and fully functional.

Suzuki Re5 | eBay

Looks like the full original toolkit and owner’s manual are included as well. How cool would it be to ride these two bikes back-to-back?

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