Inspired to build – Maverick BMW R100RS

The first time I saw a Cafe Racer it was via a connection to the internet that started with a sound like this…

At the time I was living in Perth, a relatively small city on the west coast of Australia, and back then seeing a custom bike out on the street (other than a Harley) was like catching a glimpse of Bigfoot. These days I see one almost every time I head into the city. That first Cafe Racer encounter spawned an obsession that has lead to my whole life and career revolving around motorcycles.

I recently became acquainted with Maximiliaan van Kuyk of Maverick motorcycles. Max and his brothers stumbled into the Cafe Racer scene in much the same way I did, but their journey took a slightly different path to my own. After seeing his latest bike, a stripped down, unashamedly raw BMW R100RS, I decided the best way to introduce this bike was to invite him share the story that lead up to this build in his own words…

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