Brotherly Build – Honda CB550 Cafe Racer

Motorcycles came into my life a little over 5 years ago at the age of 28. In February of 2011, my mother passed away and then 2 months after in April, I lost my father as well. During this time, my twin brother Tyson decided that he was going to buy his first bike and learn to ride as an escape and something fun to do. Motorcycles always seemed like a lot of fun to me but they were never something that I felt like I needed to get into. My brother and I have also been playing music together for most of our lives so one night after a gig (and a few cocktails) my brother asked me what my PayPal password was. I told him and when I asked him why he needed it, he told me that I was going to take the riding course with him and that he had just signed me up. I wasn’t thrilled that he had just spent my money, but on the other hand, I knew that riding would be something that I enjoyed.  Even more importantly, however, I knew that riding together would be something that would keep us close through the most difficult time in our lives.

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