‘The Trickster’ Triumph Bonneville T100 – Macco Motors

‘The Trickster’ Triumph Bonneville R100 – Macco Motors

Written by Martin Hodgson

For a century now limited production run motorcycles have been a mainstay of the industry, from companies like Bimota and Confederate who use the engines of major manufacturers to power their beasts to the Harris and Rickman Brothers who made their own frames. It has always been about offering something that little bit special, Honda had Colin Seeley make them a batch of race replica CB750’s while Ronin picked up a bunch of unwanted Buell’s for their unique creations. But for Jose and Tito from Spain’s Macco Motors it all came about in a very unexpected way, rather than create a “special” they’ve simply had customer after customer want them to take a modern Triumph Bonneville and build it the Macco way. Each one comes with a little something different but all are built with factory level quality and a brilliant finish, their latest is a 2008 example known simply as The Trickster.

Since they formally founded the company in 2011 Jose and Tito have been churning out brilliant customs from old Honda’s to modern Moto Guzzi’s but when they built their first Bonneville it seems they hit a nerve amongst Triumph fans who liked their builds a certain way.

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