1973 BMW R75/5 LWB

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This 1973 BMW R75/5 is offered by the owner of a BMW motorcycle restoration shop, who purchased the bike four years ago and has given it a full restoration. The R75/5 was the top of the line model for 1973 with a 50 horsepower 750cc flat-twin good for a top speed of 110 mph. This example was completely disassembled and refurbished both cosmetically and mechanically, with very few miles ridden since. The only parts not restored or replaced were the seat and tires, as the seller wanted to preserve the patina of the original seat and felt most buyers would prefer to choose their own tires.

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The gas tank and fenders were repainted using a single stage enamel, and the frame and subframe were also restored. The pinstriping was redone by Tommy “The Itch” Otis and matches the factory pattern. There is no notable damage to the fresh paintwork.

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A new headlight chrome ring was installed and the aluminum trim was polished. All exposed fasteners have been cad plated to match the original finish. New mufflers were also installed.


The 750cc flat twin is believed original and was rebuilt with the following work performed:

  • Cylinders honed and new piston rings installed
  • New timing chain, chain tensioners, and seals
  • Cylinder heads rebuilt with new valves and hardened valve seats
  • New seals and gaskets as needed
  • Fuel tank interior cleaned and coated with Red-Kote liner
  • Rebuilt carburetors
  • Fuel petcocks rebuilt and new fuel lines installed
  • New ignition points and condensor
  • Ignition advance unit rebuilt
  • New clutch and clutch plates
  • Replaced driveshaft U-joint and rubber boot


The restored frame and partially disassembled engine are pictured above. The transmission and final drive were both inspected and found to be in good condition. The front fork was rebuilt with new seals and bumpers. New brake, clutch, and throttle cables were also installed.


The speedometer was rebuilt by Palo Alto Speedometer and all other electrical components are fully sorted. New rubber foot pegs and hand grips have been installed. The seat cover was in good original condition and the seller opted against replacing it, but is willing to install a new cover at no charge if the buyer prefers.


The tires have some wear but are in usable condition. The seller has connections with a tire distributor and is happy to facilitate buying and mounting a new set of tires per the buyer’s preference.


The bike is sold with a clean California title and the original blue California plate will be included for an in-state buyer. The seller has numerous photos of the restoration process, some of which can be viewed in the gallery below. Matched fork and seat locks in working order will be included. The bike has been ridden only a few shakedown miles since restoration and is ready for the next owner to enjoy.

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