1962 Ducati Bronco 125 Dry Lakes Racer

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This 1962 Ducati Bronco 125 has been owned by the seller for 14 years and set a record at El Mirage in the 125cc gas pushrod class on July 12, 1998. The bike has been stored indoors and not started for 10 years, though the motor is said to turn over. The seller reports that the 125cc OHV single-cylinder and frame are original, but the bike has been modified considerably for race purposes. The sale includes a vintage AirTech fiberglass fairing, a period parts catalogue, and an SCTA Dry Lake Speed Trials Rules and Records book for the year 2000. This Ducati is sold with its SCTA logbook and a bill of sale.


The tubular steel frame shows minor corrosion and some paint that has chipped over time. The wheel rims also show some corrosion, and the spokes are said to be in good condition but are in need of tuning. The tires will need to be replaced due to age.


The vintage AirTech faring shown in the above photo is not currently fitted, though it is included in the sale and could be reinstalled.


The frame still wears its Ducati identification tag stamped with its specifications.


The 125cc overhead valve, single-cylinder motor is said to be original and is paired to a 4-speed transmission. The pushrod engine shows a “Ducati Meccanica” winged circular design and “D” logo embossed into the brass plaque on the side of the aluminum flywheel cover. The seller says the engine turns over, but has not run in about 10 years.


The carburetor will likely require a complete rebuild before the bike will run, and the fuel system is in need a good cleaning. The clutch is said to be in good condition.


In 1998, the previous owner rode this bike to a record of 77.71 mph in the 125cc pushrod gas un-fared class (A-PG) at El Mirage dry lake in California. The SCTA logbook entry can be seen above.


With an interesting past and solid bones, this dry lakes record holder would make for a fun restoration project that could be brought back as a vintage racer or street bike.

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