Four Miles: 1973 Rokon RT340 TCR Automatic

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This 1973 Rokon RT340 TCR (chassis RT340170) is described as an “authentic, original survivor” in “museum condition.” The bike has had just two owners, and was recently brought out of long-term hangar storage. Reported to start, run, and stop well, the odometer shows an incredible four miles, and though the seller is unable to confirm this figure, condition suggests it could be true. Find it here on eBay in Canton, Georgia with a $15k BIN.

Other Makes Rokon 340 RT | eBay

Bright yellow paint just flat-out works on a vintage Enduro bike, and paint finish still looks essentially new here. Condition of plastics as well as the tank seem to back up long-term storage claims, and even the wheels retain their black paint with no apparent scuffs or marks. The bike reportedly had its frame powder-coated some two decades ago, and the only non-original item noted in the ad is a rack-mounted, leather-bound tool kit. Tires are old and cracked but look great–hopefully something appropriately vintage looking can be sourced should the new owner actually add some miles.


The cockpit is as spartan as they come, with a simple plate-mounted speedo and magnified stopwatch holder. Another cool feature is the roll-chart mechanism mounted just below the speedo, that enabled the rider to scroll through maps during the ride and provided better visibility through magnification. Who needs a smartphone with GPS anyway?

This 335cc Sachs-built two-stroke single was good for 37 HP from the factory, and bikes were reported to be quite fast in a straight line, though handling reportedly left a little to be desired. A pull-cord start gives more backwoods reliability over an electric setup. The bike’s signature CVT was designed to keep the engine in its peak 6k-7k powerband, but was incapable of providing compression braking, definitely a mark against its maneuverability.

More well-used 340’s typically sell for under $5k, but will this one’s extraordinary level of preservation justify a 200% price increase? We’ll have to wait and see, but in the meantime, it’s simply good to study a rare and interesting bike in unheard of condition.

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