Restored Big Twin: 1969 Laverda 750S

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This 1969 Laverda 750S (chassis 2569) is described by the seller as a “barn find,” and they’ve slowly been nursing it back to health over the past seven years. Following a full engine rebuild and a few other tweaks, the bike is now claimed to start easily and run very well. It looks incredible too. Find it here on eBay in Dundas, Ontario, Canada with healthy bidding up to $9,500 at the time of writing.

1969 Other Makes 750S | eBay

Traditionally a darker orange, photos may well be washing the tank and side panels out to appear more yellow. The frame, tank, and side covers were repainted during the build, and a new repro seat was also fitted. Up front, a new headlight sits front and center, along with new levers, cables, and switchgear for the Euro-spec, low-rise bars. Grimeca drums at both ends have replaced the stock units.

1969 Other Makes 750S | eBay

The bike didn’t have any gauges when the seller bought it, but good looking OEM replacements have since been installed. The seller admits that true mileage isn’t known, so instead the odometer reflects post-rebuild numbers. The speedo is also claimed to be somewhat inaccurate.

1969 Other Makes 750S | eBay

The big, 61 HP twin was completely torn down for rebuild, and had its bores honed before getting new pistons and rings installed. It now exhales through a new header and muffler set.


The bike also has a fresh battery, has been completely rewired, and comes with a wiring diagram in PDF format–a very handy thing to have with any old bike, car or truck, particularly Italian ones.

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