Never Started: As-Delivered 1983 BMW R100

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This 1983 BMW R100 was imported new to England, and though registered shortly thereafter, remained in its original delivery crate until 1996. At that time it was fitted with new tires in prep for road use, but circumstances mean this never happened, and now 34 years since it was first built, the bike remains un-ridden–the seller reports it’s never even been started. Condition is as-delivered, with one mile showing on the odometer, and sale includes extensive documentation as well. Find it here on eBay in Sunderland, England for 10k GBP (~$12,300 USD today).

The bike is seen here resting in the seller’s hallway where it’s been sitting for several years. Reads the ad: “This bike was UK supplied new by the UK BMW main dealer, Alan Jeffries, in 1983, and although registered, was not removed from its crate until 2006. (I still have parts of the original crate).  At this point, the bike was going to be commissioned for the road, and a new set of tyres were fitted as a precaution. Two accessories were added at the time, the stainless rear shock absorber shrouds, and the satin black valve covers. These are easily removed if needs be, and i have the original, natural colour, valve covers.  A change of circumstances meant the bike remained in storage.”

Photos don’t do the bike justice, but everything including painted, plated or bare metal as well as plastics and rubber all show essentially as-new. The same goes for decals and badging, two nice examples of which are on display in the photo below. Gauges are crystal clear, and the odometer shows one mile traveled–this suggests that the bike has been started and ridden, if only once or twice at the factory more than three decades ago.

Underneath the saddle is an unopened tool roll, tire pump, and first aid kit, and the seller also notes still-boxed spark plugs,unopened, factory supplied oil bottles, and even the original battery. Factory break-in oil remains in the engine and gearbox.

Other extras include the original service booklet, sales brochure, unmounted registration plate and “other interesting period paperwork.”

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