Last of the Marks: 1968 BSA Spitfire MkIV

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This 1968 BSA Spitfire MkIV (frame A65SB2507) is from the final year of Mark-series production, which started two years earlier with the somewhat confusingly named MkII. These final Spitfires featured a high state of tune right from the factory, squeezing out 54 HP from 654cc of parallel twin for over 120 MPH–easily among the world’s fastest production street bikes of the day. This one looks fantastic, and the seller says that it starts easy, shows no signs of drops or crashes, and remains easy to ride and comfortable despite the low-slung clubman bars. Find it here on eBay in Greenwich, Connecticut with reserve not met.

Reads the ad: “Gas tank doesn’t leak and should be drained if not in regular use. Ethanol is a threat, and there are some small pimples in the paint work. This bike shows no signs of having been crashed dropped or scratched. The clubman bars and Tomaselli clip ons with the large tank make it a good looking bike. It’s easy to ride and is not uncomfortable. We’ve looked after this bike for the last 15 years, it’s seen very little use and is now looking for a new garage to live in.”

BSA’s traditional twin is a great looking thing, and the seller says that this one remains original to the bike–the 4-speed gearbox sounds to be as well. They also report that the bike starts easily from cold after a bit of priming and a good kick, noting a quick settle to idle while warming. Concentric AMAL carbs “were recently reviewed and inspected for any swarf or residue.”

It’s a lovely view from the cockpit, even if those gauges are a bit of a visual disappointment after the rest of the bike.

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