Old Bike Hoard Sell-Off: Guzzis, Nortons, Beemers, BSA’s & More

This is from the site Bring a Trailer (https://bringatrailer.com/) ...

This seller is unloading a big collection of mostly European bikes and parts, all in various states of completion and decay. Among them count three Nortons, three Beemers, a couple of Ducatis, a pair of Moto Guzzis, a Squariel, and “more BSA’s than I care to count.” There’s even a two-wheel drive Rokon among the group. Find them all here on eBay in Phoenix, Arizona with an unmet $40k starting bid and additional reserve.

Above is one of two Guzzis, both of which are Ambassadors. One’s from 1970 and the other, blue bike a ’71. Both are described as good, solid, largely complete bikes. There’s three Nortons as well, including a Commando and an Atlas to go with the Model 19S seen below. The seller offers more detail regarding each bike in the full listing, but the 19S is reported to have been about 95% restored when its previous owner passed away.

Here’s a look at the 196X Ariel Cyclone, “I know what you’re thinking but this isn’t Buddy Holly’s old bike,” says the seller. Described as solid and complete but in need of work, it reportedly ran when parked and includes a spare engine and “other associated parts.” The other is a Square Four, and though no model year is given, these interesting twin-crank bikes were made from 1931 to 1959. Said to be 90% complete, it’s been disassembled for a restoration that thus far hasn’t happened.

A Velocette and the other big Guzzi…

The Commando, a Beemer, and lots of other stuff like a small 60’s NSU, a Royal Enfield from the same era, and a rare Anker JLO. Be sure to check the ad and take a look through the photos for a clearer idea of exactly what’s on offer here.

This Rokon two-wheel drive is a cool find, and though missing the front drive chain, otherwise looks pretty complete as well as very restorable.

Says the seller: “If it’s in the pictures its included (there’s stuff included that you don’t see in the pictures, too). I have lots of other random parts that are included and maybe a bike or two I forgot to mention. If I own it and it’s motorcycle related it’s included. I also have a few manuals and repair books that are included. It took me a long time to find and acquire all these bikes, I hope the buyer will enjoy them as much as I did.”

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