No Reserve: 1967 Velorex 16/350

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This 1967 Velorex 16/350 is a rather unusual three wheeler that the seller acquired from longtime BaT user Mr. Vespa back in 2012. Mr. Vespa had previously brought the car over from Hungary in 2002. While early Velorex cars used a leatherette exterior covering, this example is instead wrapped in Igelit, which is a PVC-based covering. This Jawa 350cc powered car has been displayed at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, and is sold on a bill of sale by BaT user billo317.

This Velorex was reportedly restored in Hungary, and wears Igelit exterior bodywork. The body consists of several panels affixed with twist and snap fasteners, which allow them to be removed easily for cleaning or maintenance.

Like the rest of the bodywork, the convertible top is removable. The top framework is shown here with the top removed.

A small leather mouse made by the Hungarian restorer comes with the car as a memento of its past.

There are some small dents on the metal cycle fenders. The taillights and turn signals mount through the Igelit portion of the rear bodywork.

The dash and floors are wooden, and the only instrumentation is a Skoda-sourced speedometer. Red vinyl interior is in good condition and includes a pair of storage pockets on the doors. The car is started using a flat-blade screwdriver rather than a key to activate the ignition, and then the starter is activated separately using the Dynastart system. The previous owner included a set of handling instructions for the car.

Power comes from a 350cc Jawa twin backed by a four speed transmission. The engine is little altered from motorcycle specification. The seller’s mechanic has maintained the car during his five year ownership, though the car has only been used on short jaunts around his shop. The Jawa engine carries engine #572-003794.

The fuel tank, which bears a strong resemblance to a standard Jawa tank with altered mounting brackets, sits over the driver’s legs, and the battery resides at the end of the passenger’s footwell. The tubular structure is in good condition, and wears nicely applied brown paint.

Some past documentation is included, along with handwritten operator instructions from the previous owner.

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