Low Hour 3-Wheeler: $1500 1980 Honda ATC185

This is from the site Bring a Trailer (https://bringatrailer.com/) ...

This 1980 ATC185 is described by the seller as a first-year example with no broken plastic, a healthy engine and gearbox, and very low hours. The trike reportedly sat parked in a garage for many years, and the ad even provides closeups of still-intact mold nubs on fat, OEM balloon tires. One of the rear wheels has a dented rim lip, but it looks repairable, and overall the impression is that a little detailing could have this one looking as good as it’s claimed to run. Find it here on eBay in Woodbine, New Jersey with a $1,500 BIN.

Honda is often credited with inventing the “modern” blueprint for ATV’s with the introduction of the ATC90 in 1969, These later, bigger engine bikes followed the same basic layout, including a fixed rear axle with suspension provided via large, low-pressure, all-terrain tires–that said, the 185 marked a departure in that a more traditional tube frame replaced the stamped steel used in earlier Honda three-wheelers.

Condition looks good, though plastics and metal alike seem like they could stand to be cleaned and polished. Decals appear to be nice as well, and the engine/gearbox case and exhaust fairing do look quite fresh, suggesting that claims of low hours could be true. The seat, pegs, and grips all show very well too, though the rear wheels are both in need of refinishing, displaying quite a bit of surface corrosion and scratching.

The seller says that this set still retains their molding nubs, and a few closeups within the ad seem to confirm this. Here’s a closeup of the right rear wheel, clearly in need of some mild repair work.

The 185 retailed for $1,248 when new in 1980, and at around 300 pounds, the 180cc four-stroke single and 5-speed with semi-automatic clutch should provide adequate performance. The seller says this one runs and shifts very well, though with a recoil pull-cord, hopefully it starts easily too.

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