1965 Honda CR93 Clone

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This 1965 Honda CR93 clone is based on a CB160 frame with a CL175 engine and transmission. The seller, Honda expert Bill Silver, sold this bike with its original engine back in 1999 and purchased it back at auction a few months ago. The seller has self-published several books on the history and service of early Honda Motorcycles. The original CR93 was a homologation bike, and only around twenty were built as street bikes. This clone is currently titled in the seller’s name in California and registered with non-op status.

The original CR93 was built for homologation purposes, and featured a four valve, DOHC 125cc twin mated to a close ratio 5-speed gearbox. This bike is a general visual match for an original CR93, though it uses a two-valve twin from a US market CL175. The seller and previous owner utilized period-correct Honda parts wherever possible to complete the build, including sourcing lights and instruments from other models.

The aluminum seat and tank are both custom made for this bike, as the CB160’s backbone frame is somewhat wider than an original CR93. The turn signals front and rear are stock Honda items, and the taillight is an early CB72 piece, which matches the item used on CR93 street bikes. A Benly 125 tank badge is fitted, along with custom hand-painted pinstriping to complete the look. The full frame has been powdercoated black.

A flat grand-prix style seat is fitted. The seller notes that the present riding position is comfortable for riders about 5’8″ or 5’9″ tall. Controls are mounted on stock CB77 footplates, and are currently mounted in their forwardmost positions. The rear brake actuator is currently mounted in the middle position to avoid interference with the exhaust, though the seller states that it is still easy to operate for the rider.

CB160s were not originally equipped with a tach, or a provision for a tachometer drive on the engine. Thanks to the CL175 engine swap and the use of a late K3-model tach drive, the seller was able to use a late CB77/305 Super Hawk instrument binnacle in the stock CB160 headlight shell.

The original 160cc engine and four speed transmission have been removed in favor of a 175cc unit with a 5-speed transmission from a CL175. This two valve engine modified with earlier style power-jet carburetors, reverse cone mufflers, and small cone filters. The bike features a solid state regulator/rectifier, and all of the electrics are in good working order. The seller has fitted an updated 5ohm coil for optimal rideability. This bike is equipped with an electric starter and has a full sized battery.

The brakes are original CB160 drums front and rear laced to alloy AKRONT ribbed racing wheels.

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