1971 BMW R50/5 with Stoye Sidecar

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This 1971 BMW R50/5 motorcycle is fitted with a rare Stoye sidecar and Heinrich tank, and was purchased by the seller five years ago from the original owner. The 42k indicated miles are not believed to be accurate, and total mileage is unknown. Cosmetically, the bike shows a few scratches and some patina. The bike was sorted by Scottie’s Motor Works in Santa Clara, California within the past year. Receipts for recent service are included, showing a total of $8k for engine and suspension work, new tires, cosmetic upgrades, and the installation and upholstery of the sidecar. The seller notes that the bike runs strong following recent service, tracks straight and is stable at speed. 2k miles have been added over the seller’s ownership. This BMW R50/5 is sold with a California title in the seller’s name. The bike features some modifications including lower-profile Euro handlebars and low-mount mirrors fixed to the headlamp guard. The seat is a Denfeld Police Solo piece. Rear lamps from a /2 model were installed on both the sidecar and the bike. The front lamp shows a crack in the lens, though the seller notes that high/low beams and turn signals all function as intended The sidecar is a Stoye ‘Canoe Nose’ body, said to be authentic and believed to be of 1950’s vintage. The body is mounted on a Stoye #2 frame, and painted in a matching color scheme with a 50’s-pattern BMW roundel. A Stoye plate is shown in the gallery. The sidecar has a suspended body and is mounted to the bike with a DCM subframe. The seat was fabricated and installed last year, with matching black vinyl upholstery and white piping. The contoured Heinrich tank is also an authentic piece sourced by the seller on a trip to Germany. The filler cap is found underneath the aluminum tank cover. The 42K miles indicated are not believed original, and total mileage is unknown.  The seller notes that the speedometer recently stopped functioning, and has sourced an NOS gauge core that will be included in the sale. The 498cc air-cooled twin-cylinder motor breathes through a Bing slide carburetor, and the rear wheel is shaft-driven. The engine was serviced last year, and maintenance performed includes a full fluid flush, replacement of the front seal, and ignition service. The gearbox is the stock 4-speed manual. A full list of items addressed during the most recent service can be found in the gallery. The fork was overhauled with new boots, bumpers, seals, and oil. Tires were replaced and balanced, and a new wheel and tire installed on the sidecar. The VIN and date of manufacture can be seen on the factory plate above. A matching number is found on the crankcase, and corresponds to R50/5 production numbers, though the plate states that the bike is an R60/5. A full gallery of images of the bike can be found here.

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