No Reserve: 1975 BMW R75/6

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This 1975 BMW R75/6 is a largely stock example which received some refurbishment work prior to current ownership. The motorcycle has been owned for a year by the seller, who purchased it from a local BMW dealership. The bike is powered by a 750cc horizontal air-cooled twin, and modifications include twin front disc brakes as well as Mikuni carburetors. This R75 is sold with a clean Texas title and the owner states he receives quite a bit of attention riding it. The fuel tank and fenders were reportedly repainted in brick red metallic with factory-style pinstriping. By 1975, rubber knee pads had replaced the chrome tank sides seen on the earlier models. Wire spoked wheels wear more modern tires, though the rear is showing some wear. A 140mph speedo is present and a stand-alone tach was offered for the first time on the /6. The five-digit odometer currently shows just over 14,500 miles. The two-place seat is newer item according to the seller, who has added approximately 200 miles during the last year and says the bike rides well without any issues. Power is from the 750cc version of BMW’s air-cooled horizontal twin which was originally rated at 50 horsepower. A top-end rebuild and piston ring replacement were reportedly carried out within the last two years and fueling is via Mikuni carburetors rather than the original Bing units. Both mufflers have been replaced and an electronic ignition was added in 2016. Shifting is via a 5-speed transmission which sends power rearward via a shaft rather than a chain. Dealer services within the last two years included replacement of a leaking camshaft seal as well as an oil change performed in 2016. Dual front disc brakes are reportedly from an R90S and stainless brake hoses have been added. The bike has not been registered for 2017. Records from the last two years of dealer service are included.

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