Velvet Violet: Sharp 1993 BMW R100GS

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This 1993 BMW R100GS (VIN WB1048805P0231216) is said to remain almost entirely original apart from a correct NOS seat which isn’t currently fitted–it is however included with several other OEM parts that have been replaced with well-judged aftermarket items. The seller spent last winter bringing technicals up to par with nicely preserved cosmetics, with work including rebuilt carbs, fitment of a new neutral switch, pushrod tube seals, oil pan gasket and more. It’s now said to be fully functional and sounds like a pleasure to ride. Find it here on eBay in Fort Collins, Colorado with reserve not met. Special thanks to BaT reader Michael W. for this submission. The seller says that this purple and yellow color scheme was called “Velvet Violet” (Samtviolett in German), and adds that few were thus equipped. It’s about as 90’s a look as can be imaged, but dated or not we dig it. Paint is said to be in 9.5 out of 10 condition, factory luggage is said to have no cracks or scratches, and overall the bike does look very well preserved. Tires are reportedly newer with around 200 miles use, and though the long rack and single seat look is cool, a correct purple and black NOS saddle is included. Other changes include fitment of billet pegs, 20mm bar risers, Wunderlich shifter, and Migsel side stand. Says the seller: “All these items I can change back to stock in a matter of 30 minutes. I have all the original parts that came with the bike which will go to the new owner.” These include what looks like a fully stocked factory tool roll. Here’s a look at the cockpit, as well as the rare NOS seat. Gauge needles are said to be bounce-free, and the bike is also claimed to remain fully functional. A large windscreen is provided separately. Says the seller: “Everything else on the bike is original or correct OEM with most of the replaced parts from Max BMW. I have all receipts for my purchases. Some of the work that has been performed on this bike in the last 500 miles includes new pushrod tube seals, new BMW neutral switch, new oil pan gasket, carburetors rebuilt, engine completely tuned up, rear main seal and clutch were inspected and found to be in excellent condition, the splines which showed basically no wear were greased.”

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