Spanish Scrambler: 1976 Montesa Rapita 50

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This 1976 Montesa Rapita is a good looking 50 that was recently rebuilt into a cool scrambler-inspired bike using factory parts and a bit of mild but creative modification. Montesa enjoyed a fair amount of success in its Spanish home market and throughout Europe in the sixties and seventies, turning out enduro, street, and trials machines before a weak economy resulted in the marque being absorbed by Honda. The seller says this bike is fully functional and runs great, noting that the rebuild used all NOS parts. Find it here on eBay in Budapest, Hungary with a $3,800 BIN. The biggest visual departures over a stock Rapita are the deletion of fenders, addition of a riser bar, and meaty tires. The exhaust was also rerouted to a high-exit, scrambler type. The plastic tank has been left unrestored, and we like the worn-in look contrasted against the newly recovered seat and other polished items. Even the grips look like they could be the original items. The single gauge is a Veglia speedo, adorned with Montesa logo and simple numbering. A 50cc two-stroke single should give about 5 HP in stock form, and this one looks about as near to new as can likely be found. The casing and carb have been cleaned up well, and the highly polished expansion pipe is cool too. All hardware looks new, while the frame and associated parts have been painted flat black. 5,147 kilometers are shown on the odometer–not a big number, but this is quite a small displacement bike. Factory Rapitas were fully street-legal with required lighting, fenders, and a low-exit exhaust as shown in a period advertisement below. Even with its little 50cc single, this bike looks like it would be a blast around a big property, or as an in-town runabout. An included link to the builder’s page shows a number of other cool and unique projects undertaken by their shop.

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