Never Titled Rotary: 1975 Suzuki RE5

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This 1975 Suzuki RE5 is from the middle of a three-year production run and is said to have been in storage from 1975 until recently. The bike has never been titled, but did rack up 3,079 miles as an aftermarket fairing demonstrator according to the seller. It shows some use, but overall seems nicely preserved and even includes dealer repair tools and a boxed NOS fuel tank. Last running a year ago, the bike will need to be gone through prior to starting again, but apart from the sissy bar it looks to be all stock. Find it here on Craigslist in Anderson, Indiana for $6,500. Gauges are housed in a pod whose shape is repeated in the taillight. The front brake is seized but an NOS repair kit is included and overall condition looks very good despite some pitting on various pieces of brightwork. Some polishing compound and elbow grease will probably go a long way, and judging by the apparently excellent condition of the original tank, its paint finish and decals, there should be no reason to swap on the included NOS item. The green-tinted gauge cluster “dust cover” slides back to fully reveal the gauges, a neat touch by Giugiaro who was commissioned to style these bikes. Late production ’76 models dispensed with the “tin can” instrument pod in a failed effort to attract more buyers. Here’s a look at the 497cc single-rotor Wankel, factory rated at 62 HP. These were heavy bikes at just under 575 pounds wet, and even with liquid cooling they had a tendency to run hot. They made for comfortable, virtually vibration-free cruisers though, and remain undeniably interesting from a technical standpoint. Note the big radiator and standard exhaust, the latter of which was fitted with an OEM decal warning: “DO NOT MODIFY THE EXHAUST SYSTEM. IT IS DESIGNED TO GIVE MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE WITHOUT EXCESSIVE NOISE.”

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