Quattro non Sei: 1983 Benelli 654 Sport

This is from the site Bring a Trailer (https://bringatrailer.com/) ...

This 1983 Benelli 654 Sport is said to be entirely original, fully functional and in good running condition, though unfortunately the ad gives no historical background or servicing info. The bike is currently without its nose piece fairing, and though we don’t know if it’s included in the sale, we dig the naked look. Six-cylinder Benellis get all the attention, but this is a sharp looking and uncommon bike. Find it here on Gallery Aaldering in Brummen, Netherlands for 8,700 euros (-$10k USD today). Bright red paint retains a good shine from all provided angles, and there’s no evidence of damage to the fairings, side caps or tank that we can see. Graphics and badging look good too, and stainless pieces are bright and unmarred. The seat shows some minor fade and wear, but that’s expected on a machine that’s been ridden. Factory 12 spoke wheels are wearing mismatched, older-looking rubber. The cockpit makes use of clip-on style bars and a twin-dial instrument layout. A few issues worth noting here are slightly hazy warning light lenses and gauge glasses, but the rest of the plastic areas look good, and we don’t see any hardware corrosion. All electrics are said to be working properly, and there’s a bit over 12,200 kilometers shown on the odometer. Note the 9,500 RPM redline as well. The 604cc four breathes through a quartet of Dell’Orto carbs, and pushes 60 HP through a 5-speed transmission. There’s no mention of maintenance records or recent servicing, but the ad does claim that the bike runs well nonetheless. From a cosmetic standpoint the motor presents very well. While it maybe not as desirable as a Sei, this is still an interesting and fairly scarce bike, especially here in the US.

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