Missed Opportunities: 111-Mile 1981 Yamaha TT 500

This is from the site Bring a Trailer (https://bringatrailer.com/) ...

This 1981 Yamaha TT 500 (VIN 2Y0000743) is the trail-only variant of the XT Enduro machine that sold well throughout the late 70’s. The bike is claimed to have accumulated just 111 miles since it was new, and remains in a highly preserved state. Its big 499cc single was just given an oil change and tuneup, and is said to start easily and run very well. These are great looking bikes, and plenty fast too. Find this one here on eBay in Abilene, Kansas for $5,800 OBO. Apart from a few minor scuffs to the plastics and slightly dulled white paint, cosmetics appear very good all over. Notably, head and tail lights were added at some point, but the lack of turn signals and gauges means the trail is still its home. The seat vinyl, fork boots, grips and tires all look very good, and there’s no sign of rust on the frame or its hardware. The OHC four-stroke was rated at 27 HP when new, routed through a wide-ratio 5-speed gearbox. The seller says an oil change and tuneup were just completed, and that the motor is in good overall health. Cosmetics look very good here too, with no signs of hardware corrosion, cable damage or surface oxidation. These versatile bikes were known as good trail handlers, and were pretty fast with plenty of low-end torque as well. Getting this one out on the trail and getting it muddied up for the first time might not be easy, but it’d definitely be fun.

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