One of 750 Eddie Lawson Replicas: 1983 Kawasaki Z1000R

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This 1983 Kawasaki Z1000R (VIN KZT00R002813) has reportedly been fully restored and looks very fresh in its hard-to-find white finish. Modeled after factory rider Eddie Lawson’s race machine, these street variants were known to be very capable handlers, and even featured flat-track style handlebars and piggy-backed Showa shocks that resembled Lawson’s race bike. Apart from modern rubber, this one looks about as close to a factory floor example as we’ve seen, and should be plenty of fun around a set of curves. Find it here on eBay in Victoria Point, Queensland, Australia for $16k USD OBO. Most of these bikes were delivered in factory racing bright green, and we haven’t seen many wearing white. It fits the bike well, and finish shows no real signs of age. The bikini nose fairing, square headlamp and high-mount mirrors are all typical design touches of the decade, and this one’s also equipped with an extended rear mudguard that gives it a neat ducktail. Chunky seven-spoke wheels wear correct gold paint, and utilize a twin-disc brake configuration up front. The cockpit features clean-looking instruments and switchgear, and no sign of weathering or corrosion on any visible hardware. The windscreen also looks to be in good shape, and the seat looks nearly new. The air-cooled twin-cam four-cylinder displaces 998cc, and was rated at 80 HP. Dry weight was nearly 550 lbs., so there’s a lot of mass to push around, but these bikes were quick and competent around curves for their day. Cosmetics down here look very good, with shiny black crankcase covers, exhaust pipes, frame bosses and hardware. We tried looking for dirt or fluid accumulation, but were unsuccessful. Given the low production run, values will likely climb in the coming years as nostalgia continues to increase in the sports bike market. There are still original examples to be found, but they’re becoming difficult to find in the kind of condition this one has been brought back to.

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