The 5-minute Cable Job becomes a 5 Hour Clean Up! 1954 Morini Clutch Cable Install

The 175 Needed a new clutch cable.  The Previous owner had clipped it when they had made some changes to the engine, and it was time to get it hooked up and hopefully get it running soon.  I observed the receiver for the clutch cable here.

When the clutch is pulled, the receiver in its threaded silo pushes against the rod in the picture, and disengages the clutch over on the other side of the motor.  The cable was cut, so I had to renew that.  Also was missing a 5mm ball bearing for the rod to rotate against.

So I installed the cable and bolted the cover back on.  I couldn’t get the clutch to move, so I opened up the clutch basket-side of the engine to see if there was anything wrong.

That big round thang is the clutch basket.  The disc on the front should move outward when the clutch lever is pulled, letting the plates inside run free.

Not happening.

I took out the plates and inspected for gunk.  Found lotsa gunk.

So everything got cleaned up.  I hit the rusty spots with my wire brush attachment on my grinder (brass, fine, high speed, don’t want to mark that up!).  and cleaned everything thoroughly.  I carefully installed it EXACTLY the way that it was taken out, facings and discs all in the same place and pointing in the same direction.

Tested, and sure enough, the clutch was moving all nice a smooth, going in and out of gear and being a real gentleman.

Buttoned back up.

Time to build a battery box!



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