Twice Restored Featherbed: 1960 Norton Dominator 99

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This 1960 Norton Dominator 99 is a very attractive example that’s been ridden a fair amount but has also seen two restorations along the way, the most recent back in 2011. These 99’s are arguably the most desirable of the Dominator line, combining Norton’s famous (and at the time, world-class) Featherbed frame with the largest available 597cc parallel twin, and this one comes with known ownership history as well as documentation dating to new. Find it here on in Rosengarten, Germany for 9k euros (-$10,700 USD today). Inky black paint shows very well with no obvious flaws, and the various polished steel and chrome pieces look equally as nice. Cabling, hoses, and hardware seem like they may be newer, and there’s no sign of surface corrosion anywhere that we can see. A set of Smiths gauges are found mounted in the headlight fairing, and there’s 33,485 kilometers visible on the odometer. The 697cc vertical twin utilized alloy heads and a higher compression setup that bumped power up to 31 horses. The cleanliness of the engine casing and only a slight discoloring of the exhaust tubes suggest that the bike hasn’t been ridden much since the last restoration. These Featherbed frames were constructed by Reynolds, and provided excellent rigidity along with a lighter weight than pretty much anyone else in the industry at the time–as such it was at one time very popular to put other manufacturer’s engines in to Featherbeds, making for some very interesting hybrids. That said, we’re glad that this one retains its original engine and spec, and hope that it still does following an eventual third restoration as well.

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