Moto Guzzi 850 T Starter Relay Replacement With Old Guzzis, you've either replaced your starter or you're going to have to.

So my brand-new-to-me 850T spewed a choking smoke out from under the starter just after I bought it.  A call to Jim Barron at Rose Farm Classics gave me the info I needed.

Buy a starter at EME — Euro MotoElectrics they are awesome, and will be super helpful over the phone if needed.

Buy a new starter relay just about anywhere.  I got one like this:

  • 12V 30/40 Amp DC 5Pin Car SPDT Automotive Power Relay with Wires Harness Socket
Starter Relay for Tonti Frames

A quick check at “This old Tractor” on Greg Bender’s site gave me the wiring for the Relay:

850 T starter relay electrical connections

  • Relay terminal 30 – Brown wire from fuse box
  • Relay terminal 85 – White/black wire from handlebar mounted starter button
  • Relay terminal 86 – Brown wire from terminal 30
  • Relay terminal 87 – Red wire to starter solenoid

There’s so much good information on Greg Bender’s site — Go there and get lost in it.

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