1969 Greeves Ranger

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This 1969 Greeves Ranger is a refurbished example that shows 1,145 miles. The seller acquired it ten years ago out of basement storage, where it is said to have been kept for 35 years. It was then brought to Greeves expert, Mark Sawicki for a major refurbishment and a few upgrades. Power comes from a 250cc Villiers air-cooled single with a four-speed manual gearbox, and the bike has been fitted with a rebuilt speedometer, re-wound magneto, taller gearing, and a custom luggage rack. This Ranger is now being offered in Bluffton, South Carolina with a documentation folder, service records, spares, and a clear New York State transferable registration. When the dual-sport craze took off in the mid-1960’s, the West Coast Importer for Greeves, Nick Nicholson, needed a competitive offering. He convinced Burt Greeves to make a version of his trials and motocross bike street-legal and sell them in the US. After some prototypes were assembled from standard frames, parts, and engines, the Ranger was developed with its unique sand-cast down tube, leading-link front end, and hollow swing arm with integrated drip-style chain oiler. For use in the Ranger, the 250cc Villiers two-stroke came equipped with a proprietary cast aluminum cylinder head, complete with a compression release. The four-speed manual gearbox was originally setup with “trials” gearing, which was reportedly good for around 40 mph. However, during the refurbishment, when the engine cases were split, an upgraded countershaft sprocket and associated parts were fitted to allow a top speed of around 55 mph. The original gearset is included with the sale. Other notable work included re-plating the hardware, installing new shocks, brake shoes, chain, sprockets, tires, and tubes, along with sending the ignition magneto to the UK for re-winding. The original headlight nacelle and tail lamp assembly were missing when the seller acquired the bikes. These items are shared with other BSA and Triumph models, and new reproductions have been sourced and installed. The Smiths speedometer has been rebuilt and is set to show the believed-accurate 1,145 miles, 153 of which have been added by the seller. The bike has been fitted with a few modifications, including a redesign of the kickstart lever, extending the front fender brace over the 21″ front wheel, and fabricating a luggage rack out of thicker tubing in the style of the original unit. Passenger pegs were not originally supplied but the gussets/mounts for them are part of the frame should the next owner wish to ride two-up. Extra plugs and a wrench are kept on the rear support. Spare parts and a set of Whitworth wrenches are also included with the sale. After the refurbishment was completed, the seller rode the bike on the USCRA’s Moto-Giro, and earlier this month entered it in the Hilton Head Concours d’Elegance, where it won the Palmetto Award. A brief video taken by the seller is shown below.

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