Unusual Trials/Street Bike: 1987 Honda Reflex TLR 200

This is from the site Bring a Trailer (https://bringatrailer.com/) ...

This 1987 Honda Reflex TLR 200 (VIN JH2MD0902HK102965) is an interesting and fairly unusual trials/street hybrid, and as this model was exported here to the US for just 1986 (1987 examples like this one were simply leftovers), they now seem to be pretty rare as well. Condition looks good, and the seller claims a modest ~1,500 miles as well as no rust in the tank, full functionality, good tires, a new spark plug, oil, fork seals, chain tensioner pad and a cleaned and adjusted carb. Find it here on eBay in Colorado Springs, Colorado with reserve not met. The bike’s geometry seems to be a bit more relaxed than a full-on competition machine, but should make it a lot more comfortable on the street. The brightly painted frame contrasts well against a clean white tank and fender plastics, none of which appear to harbor any signs of abuse or wear apart from a couple scratches on the headlamp fairing. The seat, grips and lenses also look nice, and knobbly tires have plenty of tread remaining, though their age is unknown. The instrument cluster shows some fading on the gauge face and warning light panel, but all the lights sound to be operational. The speedo numbers peak at 75 MPH, but that may be a tad optimistic with a 170lb. rider aboard. 1,557 miles are seen on the odometer and are reportedly correct. A 194cc four-stroke single is nestled in the frame, and sends 13.5 HP rearward through a 6-speed gearbox. The seller mentions a recent servicing that included new oil, filters and a spark plug, along with a carb adjustment, new fork seals and chain tensioner pad. There are no obvious signs of fluid leaks, and engine’s paint has held up well too. Small dual-purpose bikes are loads of fun, and this one’s rarity and unusual trials/street setup makes it especially intriguing.

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