1942 Zundapp KS750 Project

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This 1942 Zundapp KS750 is a project that was previously owned by VW collector Dana Steele, who was killed in an accident earlier this year. His collection was subsequently passed to the current owner, including this roller Zundapp, which suffered some kind of internal engine failure during Steele’s ownership. A large cache of spares is provided, including two engine cases, numerous cylinder heads, two transmissions, and many smaller parts as shown below. The bike has been partially repainted in tan, though numerous components are said to remain in unrestored condition. This Zundapp is now being offered on behalf of the current owner by BaT regular Wob with a clean California title. The Zundapp KS750 was developed from the civilian KS600 for use in the German military. The original specification called for a top speed of about 95 km/h and a payload capacity of some 500 kilograms, the equivalent of three fully equipped soldiers. Minimum operating speed was about that of a walking soldier, which is facilitated by the high-low range gearbox featuring eight forward gears and four reverse gears. The open driveshaft powers a lockable differential which sends power to both rear wheels. The three 16″ wheels feature hydraulic drum brakes with asymmetric braking on the two rear wheels. All three wheels are identically sized and can be interchanged. The front fork is a girder type, with springs concealed in the reinforced steel fork members. This bike has been partially repainted in Afrika Korps tan, including the frame, fuel tank, sidecar and fenders. The ammo boxes, headlight bucket, and wheels appear to be unrestored. A speedometer/odometer is the only instrument. 3,000 kilometers (~1,900 miles) are shown, though the true mileage is unknown. Though the motorcycle itself is a hardtail, the sidecar features a rudimentary leaf spring suspension. Seating is available for three, including the operator, sidecar passenger, and a second passenger on a sprung pillion seat aft of the operator. The 751cc flat-twin has been removed due to a suspected bad rod. The engine is currently disassembled, and numerous parts come with the bike as shown above. Two crankcases, two transmissions, numerous cylinder heads, and a wide array of other smaller parts are included. More than 300 boxes of parts came from the Dana Steele collection. What is pictured is only what is currently known to belong with the bike. More parts may be available in the large parts cache and will be added to the supply of spares as they are found. The seller recommends that the winning bidder allot time to search through the collection of parts for potentially useful items.

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