Straight Street – Purpose Built Sol Invictus Nemesis

It can be tough for a new brand to establish themselves with consumers, especially in the “affordable” automotive market. When I had just finished my secondary education a new car manufacturer appeared on the market that went by the name of Hyundai. The car they hoped to tap into the Australian market with was the Excel and it was met with mix emotions. While many people jumped at the opportunity to own a low-cost car others, often vocally, avoided them like the plague. In Hyundai’s case the Excel was their test bed and while it can be said that certain aspects of the early Excel were a ‘you get what you pay for’ scenario they served a purpose and fulfilled a market need. Now years later Hyundai sit comfortably alongside the likes of Toyota and Ford.
The same scenario could be applied to Sol Invictus Motorcycles but it’s still early days for this fledgeling manufacturer. As far as affordability goes their motorcycles are some the cheapest around but are they any good? To find out we sat down with Tom John of Queensland’s Purpose Built Moto to hear about his experience customising a Sol Invictus ‘Nemesis’.


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