Big-Tired Automatic: 1987 Honda TR200 FatCat

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This 1987 Honda TR200 FatCat (VIN JH3TE1208HK103297) is described as a low-hour, mostly original example in good rider condition. These unusual bikes were produced for two just years, and marketed as easy-to-operate machines for beginners with features like an automatic transmission and floaty ATV tires. They were also known to be really good in sand and snow, but mud and hardpack were challenging due to oversized rubber and the lack of power modulation offered by a manual clutch. The seller says this one fires up and idles properly, rides well and has a clean California title. Interestingly, it’s being offered at double the current going price for a #1 example, but finding another might not be so easy. Find it here on eBay in Corona, California with a $4k BIN. All TR200’s were sold in this Shasta White and blue color combo, and this one is fitted with front and rear load racks for an extra measure of utility. The plastic fairings, 1.9 gallon tank and seat vinyl are in pretty good condition, but some paint wearing can be seen in various spots like the wheels and lower frame. The seller mentions some areas have been touched up with spray paint, and tires look like they need replacement. The cockpit is very basic and provides no instrumentation. Grips, cables and guides seem to be in good shape, and we don’t see any broken or rusted hardware–both are definitely good signs. Drum brakes are fitted front and rear, and the latter can be operated by the left hand lever as well as a traditional foot lever. A 199cc four-stroke single pushes 13 HP through a 5-speed gearbox with an automatic clutch, and it’s equipped with both manual and electric start. Apart from the dented exhaust pipe and a crack in the sprocket cover, cosmetic condition looks good, and the seller says the motor has very low hours. These bikes had a dry weight of 264 pounds, and utilized a telescoping fork and mono shock to achieve suspension travel of six inches. This one would be a lot of fun out in the desert not to far east from where it currently resides, or out in the snow somewhere a lot further in the same direction.

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