Formerly FRKNSTN – Hermanus Ducati Sprint Racer

Following in the footsteps of champions is no mean feat. Before the dust had even settled at the end of the 2017 ‘Sultans of Sprint’ series a pair of aspiring racers were working a deal with the winners to purchase their bike.
The 2017 European Sultans of Sprint series was won by Amir Brajanand and Flo Hubert of Germany’s Mellow Motorcycles. Their entry into the series was dubbed FRKNSTN, a heavily modified Honda CB750 frame containing an even more heavily modified Ducati 1000DS engine. 2017 was Mellow Motorcycles debut to sprint racing and what a way to kick things off. With a trophy under their belts they promised to return for the 2018 series, so why sell their winning bike? We can only assume to build something faster and what better way to motivate themselves to do so than to race against their own prize-winning creation.


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