Three-Wheel Drive: 1960 Moto Guzzi Mulo Meccanico

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This 1960 Moto Guzzi Mulo Meccanico isn’t the first military trike to be featured on BaT, but it’s definitely the most unusual. Known by the Italian Army as the Autoveicolo Da Montagna (mountain vehicle), it’s an all-wheel drive machine powered by a 750cc V-twin and intended to transport ground troops and field artillery over difficult terrain quickly–it could reportedly conquer inclines of up to 31 degrees. Caterpillar tracks could be fitted to the rear wheels, but a number of fatal accidents due to inherent instability at speed led to their discontinuation after just three years of production. The seller says this one remains all original and in perfect working order with all accessories including said tracks. Find it here at Garlatti Moto in Verona, Italy for 17k euros (~$21,300 USD today–see inventory page for price). Special thanks to BaT reader Kyle K. for this submission. The cockpit sports a thickly padded seat and integrated backrest, and the fuel tank is mounted directly behind and features a pair of storage lockers. The vertical hoop appears to be a grab handle for rear passengers, the bed is of a decent size, and the rig can reportedly tow/haul a combined load of 1,100 pounds. Tracks are seen sitting inside the bed–unfortunately no photos of them fitted are provided. A speedometer is the only instrumentation provided, and its odometer shows 3,357 kilometers. The front wheel assembly is quite an interesting piece of engineering, as it integrates a bevel gear system for the steering wheel, front wheel drive shaft, shock absorber and drum brake all in a monotube fork. Check out the wide gated shifter too, for selecting six forward speeds or one reverse. The V-twin is able to handle poor quality fuel due to low compression, and displaces 754cc with a power rating of just 20 HP–20% of which is routed to the front wheel. Other features include a waterproof ignition coil, and the ability to adjust track width on the fly. For reference, here’s a photo of another example fully kitted out with rear tracks, front tire chain, and spare wheel mounted behind the fuel tank. We’ve never heard of this model before, but this video gives a pretty good idea of its capability.

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