Modified 1952 Vincent Series C Black Shadow

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This 1952 Vincent Black Shadow was owned for many years by racer John Ulver, who ran it at several sprint races and the Bonneville speed trials. It has been modified for these purposes, including vented front brakes, a smaller seat, removal of the front fender, larger carburetors, and more. Acquired by the selling dealer one year ago, this bike is sold with many of the removed stock parts, along with an extensive collection of performance spares as shown below. Power comes from a 998cc V-twin mated to a 4-speed transmission, but the bike is not currently in running condition. The seller reports that the engine and frame numbers are matching, though the original rear frame member has been replaced. This Black Shadow has not been street legal for several years, and it is now being offered with the spares and a clean California title. Modification for racing included removal of numerous components, including the factory seat and front fender. The rear fender was also bobbed, and drag bars were added along with a Black Lightning-style seat, rear sets, alloy wheels, and a fuel tank with a cut-out for the larger carburetors. The clutch cover, rear set plates, and seat brace were also drilled to reduce weight. Engine #F10AB/1B/8711 is said to match uniform frame #RC10611B according to the Vincent H.R.D. Owners Club. The engine mating number is B59B, and the matching components reportedly confirm the bike as a March 1952 Series C Black Shadow. The 55 horsepower Black Shadow was considered the fastest street legal motorcycle of its time, and although internal modifications are unknown, larger carburetors and straight pipes can be seen. Corrosion is visible on many surfaces, including the engine case, which also shows several chips and scratches as detailed in the gallery. Performance modifications include vented front brakes, shouldered alloy wheels, and polished Girdraulic forks. The rear frame member (RC10747B) was replaced at some time in the past and is said to be the only numbered piece that is not original to the bike. Extensive spares are included, consisting of many of the removed stock pieces as well as various performance items. The stock seat comes with the bike, as do additional straight pipes, heads, carburetors, cylinders, fenders, and more as shown in the gallery below.

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