Dutch Leaning Three-Wheeler: 2014 Carver One

This is from the site Bring a Trailer (https://bringatrailer.com/) ...

This 2014 Carver One is leaning three-wheeler with a 660cc Daihatsu turbo four delivering 65 HP to the rears. So-called Dynamic Vehicle Control allows the front wheel and main body section to tilt up to 45 degrees while turning, reportedly enhancing cornering grip–we’re sure it adds some drama where it might be lacking from the unmodified Kei car engine. These Dutch-engineered and built tandem two-seaters might be kind of gimmicky, but Clarkson and a few other notable European journalists gave very enthusiastic reviews, and though these have since ceased production, they’re now being used as the basis for a car/bike/gyrocopter called the PAL-V. Find this one here at Gallery Aaldering in Brummen, Netherlands for 45k euros (-$55,500 USD today). Black metallic paintwork still shows pretty much as new, as do all exterior lights and carbon fiber trim. Entry is through a single conventional door on the vehicle’s left side, and visibility should be pretty good in every direction given the large greenhouse. The roof features removable rigid panels, and a soft top is also included for warmer months. The small cabin is finished in black vinyl and carbon fiber trim, and features all the usual controls found in a four-wheeled automobile. The 5-speed manual shifter is found beside the driver’s right knee, and there’s a stereo as well. The yoke-style steering wheel is an aftermarket item, though the factory item will also be included. Here’s a shot of the tandem seating arrangement.. Obviously it’s a pretty tight fit, but everything looks unusually well-finished for this kind of thing, which mirrors what reviews often reported. A turbocharged and intercooled Daihatsu four-cylinder sits within the stationary rear pod, and drives the wheels with 65 HP and 74 lb. ft. Though it’s not exactly a scorcher in the performance department, a 0-60 MPH time of eight seconds and a top speed of 115 MPH are respectable, and likely about as fast as you’d want given its tall, narrow body. No photos of the engine are provided. Here’s a press photo of the Carver at full-tilt–note the distance between the side mirror and the ground. Turn-in body roll is computer-controlled, and dependent upon the quickness of steering inputs, as well as the vehicle’s speed. For some great footage of this machine in action, check out this old Top Gear review.

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