1974 Baldi Frog

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This 1974 Baldi Frog is a super-compact city car built between 1973 and 1975. 300 were produced over the production run, and this example was sold new at a Willams dealership near the French and Belgian border as a Quadricycle. Power is provided by a 125cc single cylinder engine which sends power to the rear wheels via a 4-speed manual with reverse gear. The car is offered by the selling dealer with the original manual, bill of sale and a French registration. These were built in San Remo, Italy by G.A.M.C. Baldi. The fiberglass bodywork is finished in white contrasted by black trim, door hinges and a black rolling sunroof. Photos of the sunroof in the fully closed position are provided in the gallery. The steel wheels are fitted with polished wheel covers. Overall length is 85″, or approximately 20″ shorter than a Fiat 500. The interior is finished in black with a full-width bench seat and carpets. The interior door panels are uncovered and finished in the white exterior color. The spartan dash carries just a single speedometer gauge and an array of unlabeled warning lights. 780 kilometers (~485 miles) are shown on the mechanical odometer. The car is powered by a 125cc BCB single-cylinder engine paired to a 4-speed manual transmission with reverse. Other Baldi Frog variants were available with engines as large as 595cc. No service documentation is available. Some chassis components are shared with the original Fiat 500, including the transverse leaf spring front suspension. The original bill of sale and a copy of the user manual are provided in the gallery. The car sold new at a Lambretta dealer for 13,500 Francs after taxes. A startup and walkaround video is viewable below.

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