1964 BMW R69S

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This 1964 BMW R69S is powered by an air-cooled 594cc boxer twin with a 4-speed transmission and shaft drive, and is equipped with sport mufflers, a hinged pillion pad, and headlight-mounted mirrors. The bike was reportedly refurbished by Sonoma Classic Motorbikes in 2007, and the oil slingers are said to have been cleaned less than 2,000 miles ago. This R69S was purchased by its current owner in 2008 and shows 32k miles. It is offered by the selling dealer in Vancouver with an extra Denfeld Pillion pad and clean British Columbia registration. The bike is finished in traditional black with white pinstriping, and features an optional 6.5-gallon tank, Denfeld saddle seat, and Hoske sport mufflers. Modifications include an Eber tail light and hinged pillion, both sourced from an earlier R69 model. Chromed steel wheels wear Metzler Lasertec tires mounted in 2010. Period Albert headlight-mounted mirrors are fitted, and the 120-mph reverse-sweep speedometer houses a 5-digit odometer indicating just over 32,600 miles. The air-cooled 594cc boxer twin produced 42 horsepower in stock trim and was reportedly rebuilt in 2007, with the selling dealer describing oil changes every 500-1,000 miles since. The oil slingers were reportedly cleaned 2,000 miles ago by Klaus Michaels in Vancouver, though supporting records are unavailable. The 4-speed transmission sends power to rear wheel via driveshaft and bevel gear. The chassis plate is stamped 658806 and matches both the engine number as well as the frame stamping on the head stock as can be seen in the gallery below.

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