1966 Velorex 16/350

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This 1966 Velorex 16/350 comes from the final generation of the soft-skinned 3-wheeler and is powered by a 350cc Jawa 2-cylinder engine with a 4-speed manual transmission. The car features a red tubular frame and fenders with a textured brown leatherette skin and black canvas top. This Velorex is has spent six years in the personal collection of the selling dealer and is titled as a motorcycle, and is offered with a clean Indiana title. Brown leatherette bodywork is stretched over a red tubular steel structure with matching fenders for all three wheels. Headlamps, turn signals, and tail lights protrude through the bodywork, and the bonnet and top are secured with turn-button fasteners. The black canvas removable top features a flexible rear window and fits over a fixed tubular structure which forms the roof and window frames. The interior features a red vinyl seat and brown leatherette door panels along with a wood dash and floors. A 3-spoke steering wheel sits ahead of the sole instrument, a Skoda-sourced speedometer with a 5-digit odometer showing 1,600 miles. The footwell and pedal assembly is pictured above. The fuel tank is mounted to the tubular frame above the pedals, and the battery would normally occupy the space forward of the passenger’s feet. A canvas tool roll is included in the sale. The 350cc Jawa twin is paired with a 4-speed manual transmission and its case carries number 572-3-003500. The car has received general maintenance from the seller’s mechanic while part of his collection, which is operated under a dealer license.

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