No Reserve: 1968 BMW R69US

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This 1968 BMW R69US was purchased by the seller from the original owner’s family in 1990 and now shows 18,500 miles. Power comes from an air-cooled 600cc boxer twin mated to a 4-speed transmission, and a service was recently performed following 20 years of basement storage. Features include a period Avonaire fairing, Hella bar-end signals, and a folding tail rack. A Pentacom points plate was installed, and the recent work included a new battery, fuel lines, petcock seals, and an oil change. This R69US is now being sold at no reserve with the owner’s manual, tool kit, removed factory parts, and a clean Ohio title in the seller’s name. In 1968 BMW replaced the Earles fork front end with a lighter telescopic fork on all bikes destined for the US market. This example features an Avonaire fairing, 6.5-gallon fuel tank, touring seat, Hella bar-end signals, and a folding tail rack. The seller notes that the fairing was repainted to match the factory color. Slight corrosion is noted on the leading edge of the rear fender, and an abrasion can be seen on the left side of the fairing. Aftermarket mirrors have been fitted and the exhaust was replaced by the seller several years ago. The aluminum spoked wheels wear older tires that will need to be replaced before returning to the road. Touring bars are fitted, and the reverse-sweep VDO speedometer reads up to 120 mph. The odometer indicates 18,500 miles, about 7k of which were added by the seller over 28 years of ownership. The air-cooled 600cc boxer twin was originally rated at 42 horsepower, which the 4-speed transmission transmits to the rear wheel though a shaft drive. A Pentacom points plate has been added and adapts readily-available automotive points to simplify timing adjustments. The battery, fuel lines, and petcock seals were replaced, and all fluids changed with the exception of the fork oil. No service records are available, but the sale includes the removed points plate, a set of original-style keys, an owner’s manual, and a factory tool kit complete with the original shop cloth.

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