No Reserve: 1964 Sears Allstate Moped

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This 1964 Sears Allstate Moped was purchased by the seller one year ago from the daughter of the original owner. The bike was used primarily at her father’s Northern Idaho summer home and was in storage for several years before the seller discovered it. Powered by a 49cc 2-stroke single paired with a 2-speed transmission, the bike remains largely as found, though the carburetor and fuel line have been replaced. This Allstate is sold with the original carburetor, a new fuel petcock, jetting kit, and fuel line, and is now being offered at no reserve in Idaho on a bill of sale. Manufactured in Austria as the Puch MS50, Sears rebranded the bike and added it to their Allstate line of motorcycles. 1964 was one of the few years for the blue and white color option, and the finish on this example shows age-related chips, scratches, and fading. The decals are also flaking around the edges and the chrome shows minor pitting. A chrome parcel rack is fitted, and the seller believes that the black vinyl seat may be incorrect for this model. Shifting is performed by twisting the left-side grip. Details include correct grey-colored Magura grips and control cables. The speedometer indicates 940 miles. The fuel tank was stored dry and is reported to be clean inside. The original cap is provided and features an attached oil mixing cup. The chrome rims are peeling in areas and have been touched up with chrome paint. The tires are believed to be original and should be replaced. Power comes from either pedaling, or a 49cc 2-stroke single paired with a 2-speed transmission. When purchased, the carburetor was incomplete so a replacement item was sourced. The seller reports that the fuel line was also replaced and the carburetor was jetted for higher elevation so the bike runs best with 3/4 choke applied. The muffler shows minor signs of corrosion, and the fuel petcock is noted to leak as the lower fitting is missing. The seller is willing to deliver up to 500 miles, or assist with the shipping process.  

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