No Reserve: 1966 Yamaha U5E Pink Lady

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This 1966 Lady Yamaha, or U5E “Pink Lady” is a variant of the U5E Newport and was originally marketed to women in the mid 1960s. The bike was reportedly purchased new by an employee at a Yamaha shop in the Midwest and was put on display in his living room in Oregon starting in the early 1970s. The second owner acquired the bike from the original owner’s estate last year, and the selling dealer recently purchased the bike with just 15 indicated miles. The fuel line, fuel petcock, battery, and spark plug have since been replaced. The seller also cleaned the carburetor and fuel tank and has added an additional 1.5 miles. This Lady Yamaha is now offered at no reserve with an owner’s manual, service manual, Yamaha-branded tool roll, a letter from Yamaha, and a clean Oregon title. The Lady Yamaha package included a two-tone pink and white finish, front basket, and a white seat with tassels. Some wear is shown in the finish, including partial wear through of the Lady Yamaha sticker on the side panel above the kick starter. The bike is equipped with period Yokohama tires on spoked wheels, and it retains factory head and tail lights. The seller describes some corrosion on the chain guard and swingarm. The rider is provided with off-white grips, cable-operated brakes, and controls for the headlights and turn signals. The ignition cylinder is mounted to the frame and protected from the elements by the white farings. Just under 17 miles are shown on the 4-digit odometer. Per the seller, the bike was on display in a prior owner’s living room beginning in the early 1970s. When the previous owner acquired it last year it reportedly showed 10 miles, and the seller acquired the bike with about 15 miles indicated. The 50cc 2-stroke engine is paired with a 3-speed semi-automatic transmission. The seller has replaced the fuel petcock and fuel lines, and cleaned both the carburetor and fuel tank. The original petcock is included. The battery and spark plug have also been replaced. The seller notes that the electric starter does not work. A letter from Yamaha is included verifying the year of production as 1966. An original service manual, wiring diagram, owner’s manual, and Yamaha-branded tool roll are included with the sale. A walk-around video is viewable below.

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