No Reserve: 36 Years-Owned 1965 BMW R69S w/Sidecar

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This 1965 BMW R69S is equipped with a custom-built sidecar and has been with the same owner for the past 36 years. The seller purchased it from the original owner and has added approximately 7,000 miles since. Power is provided by a 594cc flat-twin paired to a 4-speed gearbox, and a tune-up including a new magneto coil was performed last month. A lower final drive ratio and stiffer suspension have been added to accommodate the sidecar. A set of unmounted Metzler tires, spares, and workshop manuals accompany the sale. This R69S is now being offered at no reserve with a clean Kansas title in the seller’s name. Finished in black with white pinstriping, the bike comes equipped with an accessory headlight guard, US-market handlebars and a pair of Denfeld saddles. A few blemishes are present in the black finish, including some dents on the front fender, and rust on some of the hardware. The Earles fork and swingarm rear utilize stronger springs to accommodate for sidecar’s additional weight. The sidecar is custom built with a single bench seat wide enough to accommodate an adult and child. It utilizes Steib suspension and features a second brake lamp, as well as a luggage rack. Older tires are currently mounted on the chrome wheels, and a full set of an unmounted Metzler Block Ks are included with the sale. The speedometer is housed in the headlight shell and shows 37k miles are shown on the odometer. Actual mileage is reportedly lower than shown, due to the lower final drive ratio. A friction-type steering damper came standard on the R69S. The air-cooled 594cc flat-twin was rated by the factory at 42 hp in “S” trim and received a new set of oversized pistons less than 2,000 miles ago. A new magneto coil was installed last month, at which point a tune-up was also performed. Power is transmitted to the rear wheel through a 4-speed gearbox and enclosed driveshaft. A lower-ratio final drive comes installed, and the original unit is included. The included spares package contains the stock bench seat, aforementioned final drive and Metzler Block K tires, springs, fenders, two workshop manuals, and more.

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