Rockers vs Mods #6 Recap

Rockers vs Mods #6 Event Recap

Friday, March 30, 2012

Between DJ Wild in the Streets spinning Ska, Northern Soul & Rockabilly and the amazing views only the Belmont can provide it was a perfect start to the sixth annual rockers vs mods. People were mingling, grabbing the rally swag and catching up with people some hadn’t seen since last years’ event.

Meet & Greet & The Belmont

From there we headed to Bryan Street Tavern to continue the party.

A perfect night at Bryan Street Tavern.

There were people everywhere. Hanging out in the parking lot, going on rides, it was a buzz of activity.

The first band was the Dangits, then the Gorehounds rocked our asses around midnight.

The Dangits

The Gorehounds!

The Girls of Gorehounds!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

The morning started slowly, the scoots met at Vespa Dallas & the Cafe Bikes gathered at RPM Cycles. We all had a little gnosh, looked at each others’ bikes and got shop tours of the respective shops. Randy at Vespa Dallas has some very nice Vic Fletchall scoots and RPM had the new Norton to ogle.

Scooters Met At Vespa Dallas

Cafe Bikes at RPM Cycles

After getting some food in us, we all rode over to the event space. Then the beer, bands and merciless heat ensued. It was a great space, but hotter than balls. Luckily we had plenty of ice cold Pabst Blue Ribbon to keep us cool. The food trucks were all lined up and people grabbed a beer, some  food and headed for the shade!

Mark Roberts Bombing The Bridge

A great shot of the event & downtown

Glambilly Playing. Danny Hurley Took this Amazing Shot.

Food Trucks

Texas Mod Crushers – Obey Them!

The Obligatory Pic Of Wendy Since It Pisses Her Off!

Club Wood with Johnny Tone. Hardest Working Men In Show Business

The day went well, people hung out, went for rides, checked out the vendors. It was really hot, so we cut to the raffle so people could get out of the heat before they fell out. We found good homes for all the Corazzo Gear, Dime City Cycles, RPM Cycles, Vespa Dallas & Kyle’s Scooter Shop (we had stuff from last year).

The Disorganizers Dealing out the Raffle Swag.  #482?!

Then we handed out the Iron!

Best Cafe – Lui’s Belt Drive Triumph


Best Scoot – Martin’s GS160


Best Rat – Mark’s Sharpie Stella

People peeled away and got ready for the evenings’ festivities. We have to mention that all this was for $25 bucks!


Some Tasty Scoots At The Foundry

Sleazy Mancini on that amazing stage.

Guess which one is Chopper Bill?


Jules the best “Merch Bitch” in a tri-state area!

From here the night got a little blurry. We won’t post up any of those pics in order to protect the guilty.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

 We started the day with a long ride organized by Ron & Denver of Ace Scooter Club. They did an amazing job and even the locals got to see parts of Dallas we hadn’t seen before.

Morning Ride

The might had fallen!

From there we headed to the Dubliner to relax and reflect on the mayhem of the weekend.


KNON’s own Charlie D. Serving up the rockabilly!

Bikes and B.S. were in plentiful supply!

Thank you to all who showed up. This year was a ripping success and we have high hopes for the future.

We want to thank all the sponsors. Without them there would be no event. 





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