‘84 Honda XL250 – C2R Custom

‘84 Honda XL250 – C2R Customs

Written by Martin Hodgson.

The financial centre of Brazil, Sao Paulo, is one of the world’s great cities, but on the surface it can appear to be just like any other sprawling metropolis. With an enormous population the biggest city in South America can be a tough and intimidating place to the uninitiated. But amongst the mix of high-rise buildings and historic architecture is a maze to be explored, filled with incredible bars, gourmet restaurants, art-house theatres and a 24/7 night life. To properly explore this urban jungle and find the hidden gems takes a special machine, it’s no place for a Sportbike and Cruisers are just too big.

Eleven – Seoz Bike Yamaha XS1100

My experience with motorcycles goes back to my childhood. I got my first motorcycle when I was 7 years old. It was a gift that my Dad gave me. One day he came home and asked me what I would prefer between on a video game console or a motorcycle. I told him a motorcycle and he said to me “I already bought you one”. The problem was however that the bike was in pieces. So I started to build motorcycles at a very early age. I owned that bike for 10 years during which time I customised it several times over.

‘78 BMW R60/7 – FrenchMonkeys Design

‘78 BMW R60/7 – FrenchMonkeys Design

Written by Martin Hodgson.

Father and son duos can be a hit and miss combination, Jerry and Ben Stiller have made millions making the world laugh and even with Jerry at 89 they’re still working together. On the other hand Philip II of Macedon and his son Alexander the Great not only became bitter rivals, the folks they encountered along their journeys hardly had smiles on their faces. Luckily for the father and son team behind

Double Take – Berrybad Kawasaki W650

From time to time, you see something that makes it hard to believe your eyes. They call it cognitive dissonance; a state where two conflicting images or ideas exist in the mind at the same time. It confounds you and makes it hard to compute exactly what it is that you’re seeing. It’s also a concept that Japan’s “Berrybad Motorcycles” could patent, given that the first instinct when looking at this incredible Berrybad Kawasaki W650 is to ask “That’s a Norton, right?”.

‘Mad Max’ BMW R65 – Delux Motorcycles

’Mad Max’ BMW R65 – Delux Motorcycles

If you’ve ever visited outback Australia, you’ll realise just how a movie like Mad Max could come about. With nature’s brutal extremes an always-present reality, and dusty old Australian cars the only real means of transport, things tend to get rather apocalyptic very quickly. Now Sicily may seem a world away from this brutality, but remember that Palermo, Sicily’s capital, is actually closer to African desert than it is to Rome, and that the island has been subjected to thousands of years of invasions from many unruly southern hordes. Add this to the fact that the last Mad Max movie was actually filmed in Africa, and the parallels between Australian and Sicily start to make real sense. Channelling this, and adding a large dose of wine, women and food for good measure is

Gear review – Grifter Marauder gloves

Gloves seem unimportant to so many riders I see around town. The cool breeze washing over their bare skin, as they whisk about from light to light. Me, I’ve ridden early mornings out on the freeway, ice on the grass by the side of the road and a bitterly cold mist in the air. I’ve also fallen off a bike and know too well how much of a beating your hands take, so gloves for me are a riding necessity. Today we’re taking a look at a more casually styled glove by Grifter. It’s the latest in their range of rigger style gloves and they’ve named it the ‘Marauder’.

Square Four for Three: 1948 Ariel “Squariel” w/ Watsonian Sidecar

This is from the site Bring a Trailer (https://bringatrailer.com/) ...

This 1948 Ariel Square Four is fitted with an interesting Watsonian sidecar, though the real point of fascination here is the bike’s unusual engine in which two vertical twins occupy the same case, with their cranks geared together to provide drive. The seller describes condition as original, though also admits to some restoration work–regardless of its history, condition looks truly excellent throughout. Find it here at Hyman in Saint Louis, Missouri for $42,500.


The Ariel looks to be in great shape, despite showing a few very minor nicks and other imperfections. The frame has been repainted at some point, but trim, badges, and hardware remain original, as does the seat. The engine casing covers and exhaust pipes look well-polished, and there are great details everywhere, such as the inverted fork, rear wheel guard, and dual-spring seat to name just a few.

The fully enclosed tandem sidecar is a Watsonian–founded in 1912, they remain one of the oldest manufacturers of sidecars still in existence. It’s an intriguing thing, with an unusual but attractive body shape, plenty of windows, a rollback canvas soft-top, a small luggage rack on the rear roof, and a decent-sized trunk in back.


Forest Green paint complements the gleaming black bike nicely, and the interior is fitted with handsome saddle colored weatherproof material. The tank wears an attractive, polished gauge pack, and Smiths instruments within still appear essentially as-new.


The 997cc eight valve four puts out 38 HP to the rear wheel, and should be capable of pushing the bike to speeds well over 100 MPH–at least without the sidecar attached. Torquey and smooth, the “Squariel” remain one of the most interesting British motorcycle engines ever built. Check out this great cutaway image for a clearer idea of its inner workings.


Described as completely sorted, the seller adds that the bike runs and rides well, adding: “No words might better describe the experience than these used in promotion of the Ariel Square Four, promising ‘Good performance and comfort with a genuinely refined feel.’”

Triumph Speed Triple – Russell Motorcycles

Triumph Speed Triple – Russell Motorcycles

Written by Martin Hodgson.

If you could go into the future to see which motorcycles would become classics you could make a hell of a fortune; if I had a DeLorean and some Plutonium I’d give it a try. Those who’d picked up Honda CX500s or BMW R series bikes for pocket change are now cleaning up and if you’d mothballed a Z1, a K0 or a CBX you can now add an extra zero to what you paid for it. Of course it’s never that easy or we’d all be rich but with Triumph going from strength to strength the early Hinckley Trumpets could be one of the future classics to keep an eye on. Fresh from their Ducati Scrambler success at World Ducati Week

Road Rebel 166 – Rich Richie Honda Tiger

Honda’s legendary RC166 was without a doubt an incredible achievement in engineering. Although its 250cc engine capacity may not impress some, I can assure you that its performance was awe inspiring. The RC166 boasted 6 tiny cylinders fed by 6 individual carburettors. At the opposing side of the cylinders 6 exhaust headers wound their way back to individual mufflers that screamed the RC166’s ear-shattering symphony. The tiny powerhouse produced an incredible 65bhp and would rev well beyond 18,000rpm. Weighing in at only 145kg and being piloted by the legendary Mike Haliwood, Honda dominated the 1966 and 1967 GP and the RC166 became a thing of legend.