Four Gear Drive Cams: All Original 1984 Honda VF1000R

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This 1984 Honda VF1000R (VIN SC162002340) looks great and is said to have just 11,484 miles. A Euro import model, official US sales wouldn’t begin until the following model year. Though based on the standard VF1000, bodywork was entirely different, suspension heavily re-worked, and the 998cc V4 gained an exotic, race-bred gear drive for its four individual cams. Though a bit heavy and rather expensive when new, these bikes offered excellent, stable handling, tons of power, sharp styling, and a good degree of exclusivity as well. US models had 125 HP, though this Paris-sourced example should make three less–still enough for a sub 11-second quarter mile time. Said to be all-original apart from the exhaust, the seller further claims perfect running condition. Find it here on eBay in West Tisbury, Massachusetts for $9,500 OBO. Special thanks to BaT reader AMF for this submission.

Honda VF1000R | eBay

Proto ATV: Nicely Preserved 1971 Honda ATC90

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This 1971 Honda ATC90 is a third model year example of the vehicle widely credited as the first ATV. There were earlier ATV-like machines of course, but the ATC was arguably the first to offer go-anywhere performance within a neatly packaged, easy-to-ride, reliable, attractive, and compact package. This one appears to be in remarkably well-preserved condition, and a similar, slightly scruffier (but still very nice) bright green example is also available separately. Find the red one here on eBay in Staten Island, New York with reserve not met. Special thanks to BaT reader Kyle K. for this submission.


The trike is described as all-original, and sounds to have been carefully stored by its original owner for many years. Running condition isn’t mentioned, but the seller does refer to condition as “mint.” A few very minor signs of use like the scratched tank show that this assessment is perhaps a bit glowing, but overall, condition does look to be quite impressive.


Power comes from a neatly packaged, 90cc, OHC four good for about 7 HP at 8,500 RPM. This is passed to the rear axle via an automatic clutch (the lever is for the single, rear-only brake) and interesting dual-range 4-speed gearbox–effectively offering eight forward gears. Balloon-like tires appear to be OEM and presumably are still in good shape, as only the green example is said to need new ones–sourcing suitable replacements might not be easy. Low pressure allows for better traction on snow, sand, and mud, and also negates the need for a traditional suspension system.


Notably, the green example is said to run, and the seller adds that it can be had for $4,500. Presumably this red trike is still running as well, as reserve is still not met at $5k at the time of writing.

No Reserve: 2003 Ducati Monster 1000 S

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This 2003 Ducati Monster 1000 Si.e. has covered just 2500 miles from new and is described as a garage queen in a relatively rare color scheme. Its seller purchased it in 2005 with less than 200 miles, then sold it to his best friend – it then passed through the hands of another mutual friend before eventually coming back in trade. Modifications are limited to a Corbin seat and Remus exhaust, and service records are included. The condition is described as excellent detailed as detailed in the gallery below, and the sale includes a clean New York title.


Initially designed for 1993 by Miguel Galluzzi, the Monster helped usher in the popular “naked street bike” category and cosmetics remain largely unchanged today. This example features a relatively uncommon metallic grey with red three-spoked Marchessini lightweight wheels – its tank, frame, running gear and fasteners appear very clean and retain factory decals.


Up top, a Corbin leather seat was installed by a previous owner – wide bars and adjustable control levers were standard. Few signs of use are present besides a deep scratch in the face of the 11,000rpm tach.


The air-cooled 992cc desmodromic-valved twin was a new iteration for 2003. The Dual Spark injected motor provided roughly 84 horsepower in stock form and a fat torque curve to propel a 415-pound dry weight.


Remus carbon fiber high pipes are the only other aftermarket addition and sound great according to the seller. Overall performance is described as near factory specification.

The video above shows a brief walkaround and demonstrates the engine being started up and how the Remus pipes sound when the bike is revved.


Power is fed through a six-speed transmission to the chain-driven rear wheel mounted in a double-sided aluminum swingarm.


Twin Brembo four-piston calipers with 320 mm discs provide stopping power, and the fully adjustable Showa fork and single-shock rear suspension work in concert with frame geometry designed for confident handling.


Reportedly always maintained according to time increments rather than mileage, the bike’s last service was in fall 2015 and records are included.

Rotorbike Part Two: Low Mileage 1976 Suzuki RE5

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This 1976 Suzuki RE5 is the second rotary-powered bike featured this week, following yesterday’s impressive and all-original Hercules W-2000 from the same year. Following 32 years in dark indoors storage, this one sounds to be in similar condition with similarly low mileage (~3,700), though the seller does note some light restoration work. Described as fully functional and strong running, it looks to be in very nice shape. Find it here on eBay in Dayton, Ohio with a $9,750 BIN. Special thanks to BaT reader pluckmyeyeout for this submission.


Says the seller: “This RE5 was a true barn find where it sat for 32 years in the dark. No sunlight touched it, hence the paint, seat, tires, and plastic bits are as close to original as you will ever find. The overall condition is excellent, and is very close to museum quality after two years of work.” What that work included is fully listed, though the ad does note some hardware has been replaced as needed, and that the front fender and part of the exhaust have been re-chromed.

Suzuki Re5 | eBay

Speaking of the exhaust, check out the full gallery and its closeup of a factory-applied sticker sternly warning: “DO NOT MODIFY THE EXHAUST SYSTEM. IT IS DESIGNED TO GIVE MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE WITHOUT EXCESSIVE NOISE.” Whereas yesterday’s German rotorbike ran an air-cooled, 294cc single-rotor, this one features a 497cc water-cooled Wankel, also a single-rotor design. Though just over twice as powerful with 62 HP, these Suzukis were also substantially heavier thanks to the added complexity of liquid-cooling. This one’s said to be both great running and fully functional.

Suzuki Re5 | eBay

Looks like the full original toolkit and owner’s manual are included as well. How cool would it be to ride these two bikes back-to-back?

Rare & All Original Rotary: 9K Mile 1976 Hercules W-2000 Wankel

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This 1976 Hercules W-2000 (serial 480005185) is one of 1,800 built in Germany between 1974 and ’77. One of only a handful of production Wankel rotary engine-powered motorcycle designs, this one is said to be all-original with 8,550 miles from new, and it looks quite well-preserved in photos. The seller adds that it starts very easily, and runs and rides like new. Find it here on eBay in Chicago, Illinois with reserve not met. Special thanks to BaT reader Kyle K. for this submission.

Other Makes w 2000 | eBay

The ad notes that “all-original” claims extend to the paint, seat, and its pan, and all are claimed to be in very nice condition. A large gallery of high-resolution, well-lit and composed photos show this to be true, with the bike displaying just enough patina to let you know it hasn’t been restored. These rare machines pop up for sale from time-to-time, but it’s safe to say this one’s probably one of the best left outside of a museum.

Other Makes w 2000 | eBay

Says the seller: “When I purchased this particular machine, it was in the condition you see in the photos, but it did not run. I went through the entire machine and got everything working. All of the major engine, transmission, and braking components are operational. The tires are very nice and are the correct type and size. The brakes have also been completely rebuilt, front and rear. The engine and transmission are original and are in perfect running condition.”

Other Makes w 2000 | eBay

As can be clearly seen below, Sachs designed and built these bikes’ 294cc, single-rotor Wankel. Output was about 30 HP at 6,500 RPM, and all but the last 199 built required pre-mixed fuel. According to a quoted fact snipped posted in the full ad, these bikes run dry crankcases (so to speak–shaft housing may be a more accurate description), in contrast to the rotary-engined Suzuki RE-5. It also notes that mixed oil is not of two-stroke type. Still, it remains unclear whether this machine is an “Automix” model.

Other Makes w 2000 | eBay

Power is routed through a 6-speed, and the full ad contains many interesting images scanned from contemporary and modern magazine articles covering both this bike and Suzuki’s Wankel two-wheeler. Criticized when new as expensive and slow with inadequate ground clearance, the passage of time has lessened the impact of its shortcomings, and enhanced its finer qualities like good build quality, simple, handsome styling, and gem-like engine.

60 Miles Per Year: Sorted 1978 Moto Guzzi V50

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This 1978 Moto Guzzi V50 is said to be all-original with only 2,288 miles added in the past 38 years. There’s no word on how it came to be so well-preserved, but despite the extremely low odometer reading, the seller claims that it run, shifts, and stops excellently. Cosmetics look very good as well, even better than the very similar 4,500 mile example featured back in 2011. Find it here on Craigslist in Tecumseh, Michigan for $5k. Special thanks to BaT reader Daniel R. for this submission.

1978 Moto Guzzi v50

The tank, fenders, frame, and wheels as well as all black metal, plastic, and rubber trim present excellently, with only light signs of use. The seller admits that both mufflers will need replacement, but adds that this is the bike’s only issue. Fortunately, one replacement is included. Notably, even the tires are said to remain original.

1978 Moto Guzzi v50

The little 500cc twin uses two valves per cylinder, and in long-standing Guzzi tradition, delivers its modest 45 HP (achieved at 7,500 RPM) to the rear wheel via shaft drive. It looks very clean installed in this example, with very little cosmetic evidence of heat cycling–check out those exhaust pipes.

1978 Moto Guzzi v50

Says the seller: “Everything on this bike is original as it came from the factory right down to the tires. It runs like a top, shifts smoothly as silk, and stops on a dime. All electronics work, turn signals, high and dim lights, brake and tail lights, horn, and electric start.”

1978 Moto Guzzi v50

Aside from another muffler, all it needs is more miles.

No Reserve: 1990 Honda GB500 Tourist Trophy

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This 1990 Honda GB500 Tourist Trophy is a nicely preserved example of Honda’s tribute to the Isle of Man TT and has just 3,361 miles on the odometer. Imported to the US officially for just two years, these aircooled singles sold in limited numbers and predicted the rise of retro-styled bikes on the market today. This example remains factory-correct, has always been stored in a heated garage, and recently had its carburetor rebuilt. The bike comes with a clean Indiana title in the seller’s name.


These large bore singles were meant to resemble Manx Norton and other single cylinder race bikes from the 1960s. The engine is derived from the 600cc unit used in the XL600 dirt bike, and appears largely similar, though with polished cases and a street bike-appropriate exhaust. The side panels on the GB500 were metal, rather than plastic as often used on bikes of this period.


Honda dubbed the paintwork Black-Green, and from most angles appears black. Up close the green and metallic elements of the paint can be seen. Gold pinstriping and silver lettering show well, with no wear-through in the areas around the tank or the rider’s knees.


Seat vinyl appears to be in good condition, and while the rear clamshell on the seat is removable the area beneath is too heavily sloped for 2-up riding. The seller collects cars and bikes and previously sold his 1952 BMW R68 on BaT last year.


Instruments consist of a speedo and tach with a quintet of warning lights; four in the tach face and a side stand warning light below the speedometer. Metal, plastic and glass components all show well. 3,361 miles are shown on the 5-place odometer, and per the seller the bike has only been ridden about 25 miles in the eight years they’ve owned it.


The engine is a 498cc single with split exhaust ports and four valves, and was good for a claimed 33 horsepower and similar torque when new. The seller’s mechanic recently rebuilt the round-slide carburetor and states the bike rode well on his test ride.

75cc Desmo Single: Two Mile 1958 Capriolo TV 75

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This 1958 Capriolo TV 75 (frame 32435) looks remarkably well-preserved, and comes with a great story. According to the seller, the bike was disliked by its original owner, and ended up stored in the back of a shop for decades, accumulating less than two total miles over the past 58 years. It hasn’t been started in some time, but is said to have good compression and spark. Find it here on eBay in Brooklyn, New York with a $5,695 BIN.

Other Makes Capriolo | eBay

Italy turned out some very pretty bikes in the 50’s and 60’s, and this Capriolo (soon renamed Aeromere the same year this bike was made) is no exception. Greenish-blue is an interesting and uncommon color for a bike of this heritage, and it complements the shapely steel nicely. Everything from the hand controls down to the Pirelli tires are factory original, and an OEM solo seat will also be included. There’s a gentle patina throughout, and a small ding can be seen on the fuel tank.

Other Makes Capriolo | eBay

The 75cc motor employs a desmodromic system, which replaced conventional valve springs with a lever mechanism towards the goal of avoiding valve float at high RPM’s. The 75 was the smallest motor in the marque’s lineup, but still managed to push nearly 7 HP. It’s an attractive, interesting little single, with nice castings and unusually intricate internals for such small displacement.

Other Makes Capriolo | eBay

According to the seller, the blueprints seen below are of the 75cc motor, and were photographed straight out of the original drawings owned by the same man who sold these bikes new under the Cosmopolitan Motors distributorship.


A very cool find, with an interesting design history and good looks to boot. Get it running and rack up the miles.

1966 BMW R50/2 and Duna Sidecar

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This 1966 BMW R50/2 motorcycle is a numbers-matching bike designed from the factory for sidecar use with sidecar mounting points built into the frame and an Earles fork. The seller purchased the BMW approximately 10 years ago and rode it for several years before sourcing a compatible Duna sidecar. He sent the sidecar to Wayne Carini’s F40 Motorsports for restoration and had it painted to match the BMW. Shortly after the restoration was completed the seller was involved in a serious accident on another motorcycle and hasn’t ridden since. The motorcycle and sidecar combo were never ridden, and four years later the seller has opted to sell so the next owner can enjoy them.

Resize of DSC_0614

The bike was restored prior to the seller’s purchase and remains in excellent cosmetic condition. The black paint is very nice with only minor patina and the dual Pagusa solo seats provide a great look. The chrome is in good shape with some minor wear around the speedometer trim ring.


The sidecar is a Hungarian built Duna model from the early 1960s. The bodywork is aluminum for light weight and features distinctive “rocket-nose” styling. The bodywork and seat was restored to a high standard and remains in as-restored condition, having been in indoor storage since the work was done. While the sidecar is currently mounted to the bike the seller recommends it be taken to an expert before riding, as careful alignment is needed to keep the bike and sidecar stable.


The 500 CC BMW flat twin is original to the bike, with matching numbers on the motor casing, frame, and data plate. The fuel tank is believed to be original as well. While the bike hasn’t been ridden in the past four years the seller runs it on a regular basis to prevent the fuel system from deteriorating due to lack of use.


The bike shows 40k miles on the odometer, though there is no way to verify that the mileage is correct.

Resize of DSC_0621

The bike is sold with a bill of sale and the Connecticut registration, as the state doesn’t issue titles for vehicles more than 20 years old. The sidecar is attached but not set up or aligned for road use. The bike runs well but the combo will need some adjustment to be safe and usable.

First Automatic Scooter: Restored 1949 Salsbury Model 85

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This 1949 Salsbury Model 85 scooter is a rare example of a model first conceived during the Great Depression. Utilizing a patented CVT transmission, gas and brake pedals, and fantastic Art Deco styling, the Model 85 was introduced as an inexpensive alternative to car ownership and is often cited as the first automatic-equipped scooter. This one has been both cosmetically and mechanically restored, with work including an electric start conversion–the original kick and rope start options were retained as well. Find it here on eBay in Anamosa, Iowa with reserve not met.

Other Makes Model 85 | eBay

The styling is just fantastic, with long, low, sweeping lines and beautiful detailing everywhere. Red and black works really nicely here, offset with just enough gold lettering. All chrome and trim pieces look to have been refreshed as well–check out the lines on that front fender guard. The black leather seat appears to have been reupholstered, and is neatly integrated into the rear bodywork.

Other Makes Model 85 | eBay

Good for about 6.5 HP, the four-stroke, 250cc single is mated to a sophisticated (for the time) CVT, and much like a car for which it was meant to replace, controls are by foot pedals.

Other Makes Model 85 | eBay

We’d like to imagine it as the most elegant pit bike at the Monterey Historics, but it would also likely be just as welcome on the concours lawn.